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Summer Hits

Summer Skin Repair 

Balance your skin tone and

take care of your protective barrier.  

UV radiation is responsible for photo-ageing of the skin. Exposure to the sun produces free radicals that have a damaging effect on collagen structure. Photo-ageing manifests itself in the formation of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, telangiectasia, dryness and reduced skin elasticity. Stop the photo-ageing process and enjoy healthy and elastic skin for years to come.  

Treatment recipe: 
Full Body scrubbing & 
Full body warm candle massage &

Full body lotion &

a glass of anti-oxidant drink

180 chf / 120 min

Cold Stone Massage

Pleasant body cooling on a hot day.

Full Body

Back of Body

160 chf / 90 min

140 chf / 70 min 

Aromatherapy massage

Mint and Eucalyptus  

Immersed drops of 100% pure essential oils in sweet almond oil helps to cool and refresh the body. Elements of stretching from Thai massage keep joints, tendons, ligaments in a great shape. 

Full Body 

99 chf / 60 min

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