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Medical Massages

Office Massage 

This massage is a medical massage addressed to people working in the office. The techniques used have an analgesic and preventive effect.


For long-lasting results, it is best to use a massage package of a minimum 5 appointments ( 5% discount )

BASIC - neck, shoulders, arms

80 chf / 40 min

PREMIUM - neck, shoulders, arms. lower back 

110 chf / 50 min 

EXTREME - PREMIUM + gun technology massage

120 chf / 60 min 

Cellulite Reduction 

This treatment includes thighs peeling, an intensive manual massage reinforced with orange essential oil and a massage gun technology. All forms of stimulation will help you fight with unwanted cellulite.


100 chf / 50 min

Consultation + Treatment 

In case You don't know what is the best for You.

Choose this option. 

After Consultation we will decide together which massage match to Your needs. 

90 min 

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